About me

My Art is here to makes you feel something!

An Artist since I was born, I cannot remember any other way to express all my feelings and passion.

I am always looking for something new, passionate and unique to implement in my Art ideas. 

I don't believe in describing a visual Art. And I avoid to use many words for mine. Well, if I had to explain something in words I would be a writer.

I am a visual Artist and I show. I dare you to see in my artworks something for yourself. Find your own thing in it! And feel it! 

Don't try to find mine. Mine is too . . . mine.

I am not afraid of the extremes of my Art as you will see.

I love the extremes! I like to paint what I am feeling - realism, abstraction . . .  It's all about mood. It's all about my personality.


 "A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art."

~ Paul Cezanne


Hristina - Heli Stoycheva


My education is entirely in Art sphere, but even that I am really thankful to all my teachers, I deeply believe that the most important part in Art is my own view and my own personal, private emotion... The Art has to be felt! The Art has to be into you, a part of you!

I am in love with the feeling of fully realizing that I am holding in my hands not only a brush or a pencil.

I am holding a pure deep satisfying feeling of happiness and harmony.