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Marble Abstract Art

Every piece of marble is unique. Every pattern on it is one and only.
My striving in creating unique Artworks brings me in this new Art passion - Paintings on natural marble.

The marble is old family tradition. Now I am giving it a new life.

The Marble is very special for me all my life. My grandpa started its own small business with marble creations many many years ago. That was really hard in that days but he did it and I am so proud with him. Today my father continues the family business and I am excited for anything he is doing with this beautiful material. Now I have this incredible feeling that I could be part of the family traditions. Yet my grandpa has named the company in my short name. 


All my life I love to watch the marble and to imagine what it "painted" by itself and what is its message to us. And one day as I was watching one marble block the idea just light me up. Me and marble! We can create beauty together!

It is great feeling because I feel great respect to this material. I am brought up in this feeling and I was growing up with this respect. 


I am constantly researching new techniques with a respect and careful touch complying with the characteristics and features of this delicate and timeless material. 

I deliberately choose marble plates with uneven edges and/or natural spots on the back. Because it's beautiful. And it's unique.

It's just natural perfection!

Art is to make you feel something

If you want an one and only Art piece, an Art piece full of emotions, an Art piece that gonna make you feel, to feel a lot, to feel a wide range of emotion, so this is the Art!

The Marble Artwork is one and only! There is no other marble plate all over the world with the same patterns.

The collector has a real unique Art.