I love to laugh, I like good humor, sometimes I like even black humor,

I do like to have fun!

However, there is one thing that is quite inappropriately called "fun", or "joke", or just "awesome". And it is digging in someone else's artwork.

There is a word for "joking" with Art. This word is vandalism!

There is so much tolerance for everything nowadays, but where is tolerance and respect for the Art?!

Why every idiot has a freedom to mock with Art?

Censorship is also quite modern nowadays. The words are censored, sexuality in Art is censored, thinking is censored... And where is the censorship of vandalism on Art?

Do you realize how many ridiculous articles exist all over the Internet with brainless ads that "attract" by saying that this or that app or person "is awesome”, because they change somehow famous artworks.

The only thing this app/person does is to destroy a genius Art.

And the intelligence of the spectator, of course.

Is it awesome? Are you serious? Really?

The saddest thing is that these articles exist for a reason. Somebody reads and browses for them… And I cannot explain to myself why people could need this kind of mockery.

Do they feel happy to destroy something valuable, something meaningful?

One likes things similar to oneself.

I've already written that usually we are falling in love with people who look alike us (You can find the article here). So, this is true with all the things in our life. You like your own representation in all. So if you are a kind of rotten from inside, you gonna like to see rot around you!

So, you find it awesome to ruin Art?

Congratulations, you've just started to create your ugly rotten world.

I think there is no need to continue the metaphor in order to describe what happens to your soul, your intelligence, and you yourself, as you walk this path.

You got what I mean. It's your choice!

The Renaissance Artists have spent their lives in studying and researching everything by themselves. They have dissected human bodies all alone with all the normal human emotions, which such a frightening act gives rise to. For the sake of the Art! Do you think it was easy?

Imagine it by your point of view…

So, you can imagine how important was Art for them. They overcame themselves. Can you?

And do you know how much effort it costs to learn how to represent everything seen. I don’t mean only human bodies. I mean everything. To be an Artist is hard even nowadays when you can access any kind of study. But imagine what it takes to learn something when you have limited or no source…

Leonardo da Vinci has studied all his life about everything thanks to his genius mind and curiosity to world. He has gained a lot of knowledge about so many spheres of Art, mechanics and life… For many years he has worked on creating and improving “Mona Lisa”. Nobody could imagine how much emotions, work, studies and researches he invested in this artwork.

And then, after many years was born a list of idiots who decide that it would be “awesome” to make Mona Lisa more smiling or maybe with other clothes or maybe sad…

There is a word for these actions, dears!

This is VANDALISM! And I am completely sure that it is not something awesome.

It’s a crime!

I am even against the recent initiatives for making "fun" representations of famous paintings by people who are bored at home... And it is even more unfortunate that the initiatives often come from respected people, who until recently I believed should protect art and its inviolability.

In general I do not like any interventions in the art of another artist. Even less, the modern efforts of some "artists" to change famous art by adding "creatively" something.

I accept as disrespect any kind of interference in someone else's work. It's like digging into the soul of the artist.

Think, people!

What kind of world do you want to live in? What do you want to see around you and in yourself?

Would you welcome someone in your soul to rearrange and add some things without your consent?

Respect valuable things to live in a valuable world!

Wishing you a valuable beauty!




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