Drawing - November 30

Sometimes I just need to relax my mind while drawing something without any reference or expectations.... Just whatever come up in my mind and in the order that doesn't matter the result.

That day I found some aquarelle (watercolor) paper and decided to check out what it would look like a graphic art on it. If I have to be honest, I didn't feel comfortable with it. I love smoother textures and the ability and challenge to create textures by myself and by my pencils.

And yes, I can see my mistakes now, and even a few hours after I finished it. And it is enough for me at this stage. I won't pressure myself to fix them on this exact drawing.

I am happy that I am able to notice them and I took my lesson from this drawing.

I am very grateful for the ability to find the lessons faster with each passing artwork.

Here you can find the Artwork:

And some moments of the drawing process:

Best wishes,



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