Once upon a time, people began to use the word "inspiration" to describe the captivating, pleasant feeling when they do the thing meant to be their Gift.

Since the word origin comes from the Latin "inspirare", which means "to breathe", it should be something completely natural, something that is a part of you, such as your spirit is. Each of us has an inspiration - our own inspiration along with our own spirit, our own soul, and so on.

But one day people began to lose their natural instincts and they couldn't find if something is their real gift or not... And their work just couldn't go well or at all.

But they refused to admit that the reason was their own mistakenly taken path.

They needed a bad guy to point a finger at and saying: "It's your fault!"

So they decided to give the role to the inspiration.

Like so many other beautiful things, people successfully succeed to pollute the beauty and purity of the word, using it to excuse their laziness or inability by referring their own mistakes to its lack.

No, Inspiration is not the bad guy who is always away when you need him the most.

Exactly on the contrary, Inspiration is the Sleeping Beauty inside us who is waiting patiently for our instincts' kiss. So, it's not the inspiration, dears! It's you!

Don't blame inspiration. Just find your Gift and enjoy the lack of any lack.

Does the bird wait for an inspiration to fly?

If you are destined to be an Artist, you are!

Don't blame inspiration! Let it be a purely beautiful feeling!

Kiss your Inspiration and fly!




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