Love doesn't need a reason!

Love doesn't need a reason

"For your own good" actually means "Do what is comfortable for me for my own comfort." And it doesn't have to be in a negative sense at all. One might truly believe in the good of his good. But it's his own good ... Each of us has their own way, road, path, air corridor, etc. to walk through it in their own way. Every "for your own good" just slows us down unnecessarily and struggle the road users even more unnecessarily. One often does not know what is good for oneself. What could we say to claim knowing the good for others. Your role is just to love the other. This is it. Just love! You don't love because ....... this or that reason! You just love. If you know why you love, it's not love at all. People change themselves. They change as they go their own way. Loving them, simply because you love them, is the best good for them at every stage of their journey. And all their changes will not change your love. We are different every day. Each of us immerses in some direction. At best, we are evolving in this direction. Today I look one way, tomorrow another. Today I am an Artist, tomorrow... Well, I will still be an Artist, but I will evolve in Art and it is a kind of change. Today I can watch sunsets and listen to Chopin. Tomorrow I can listen to Balkan music and wonder why no one has announce the gin as a super food (drink) yet. Love is an instinct. An instinct that still succeeds to survive and prevent itself from human's effort to silence it. An instinct which doesn't allow people to ruin it with their meaningless explanations and labels. If I love you, I love you! As you are, and sometimes despite who you are. Some of the people I love the most I neither understand nor approve of their decisions. It's not my role in their lives. I just love them!

After all, if someone has deserved my love, they also deserve the trust that they are intelligent enough to live out all their decisions in the best way for themselves.

I will not take a chocolate and make it become yellow cheese to be delicious for me (personal preferences)... My great-grandmother had a very good saying: Do not mock others and do not pity others. I just generalize it as don't interfere in other people's lives. And as I often say, no one has enough information for adequately interfere in anyone's life. And when I say nobody, I mean really, really nobody! Do not understand! Do not judge! Love!




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