Reading Artist's thoughts?

It’s not only in Art but I will focus my opinion on this sphere. I have always been against the things like: “What has the Artist wanted to say?”!

Well, if we want to say something we would do it.

So, what are you looking for in our heads?

I really cannot understand why some people could think that they are capable of reading anybody else thoughts. A person doesn’t even realize all his own thoughts what could say for somebody else’s.

My Art is here to makes you feel something! YOU to feel something! Something yours! I don't want and actually I insist you to avoid trying to feel mine "something".

Well, dears, realize that we are all unique!

You might say it, you might claim to be unique and you might insist others to appreciate your uniqueness but do you act as a unique person? Do you realize that each of us is unique, one-of-kind and we are so different from each other? There are no two persons on whole this Earth who could have the exactly same thoughts, feelings and perception of the world.

We all are so different. Not only you cannot feel the same kind of feeling, you cannot even understand and realize it. And it is so beautiful!

And we have to appreciate it, not to fight against it.

Because when you try to compare and equalize your way of thinking with somebody else’s you are actually fighting against the uniqueness of people.

I know that I don’t know anything about exact emotion of the other people and I just choose to love them or not… Why do I have to dig in their thoughts? I would find there nothing but my own interpretations and for sure the loss of trust from the person.

Let me get back to the topic. As we are unique and we cannot know the thoughts even of our closest people, how anybody could allow themselves to announce that they are capable to say what an Artist has wanted to say? And how could they make conclusions for Artist’s character?

I have read a lot of articles and books about famous Artists and I was so upset for many of the words. Let’s look at this example: “Artist X has drawn a lot of naked male figures, so he is homosexual.” It’s not smart conclusion, don’t you think? He may has been. But he may hasn't been. What if he has been asexual? Have they been in his bed to see the gender of his mate?

And actually, why we should discuss it at all?

Or if an Artist has a little bit more love stories… They immediately announce some suggestions that he has no respect to his mates and so on… Or maybe has some deep psychological problems with his/her mother, or father, or the sister of the brother of the second son of the third cousin (you catch my drift)... Oh, come on…

A lot of the “specialist’s” categorizations are based on the sayings of people who were close to the Artist. It’ s so ridiculous to make a characteristic of a person based on what somebody else says. Their neighbor had said, their ex-mate had said ... Seriously? Really?

Do you think that if they ask your neighbor about you, they would describe you most accurately?!

Or your ex-mate who is still hurt… Well, I don't think so! And this applies to everyone. Even the people who were really close to the Artist, not just in a sense of a space location. There is nobody all over the world who could know your real self. It is difficult even for the people themselves to know their own self and they are constantly in search of their true self, which is not affected by other people's expectations and influences.

My attitude to you is up to you. If you ask different people about someone, then everyone sees them differently and none correctly ... You'll see what I decide to show you! And too often we are not such masochists to act like exhibitionists. And even if we do such a stupidity we are not really objective… There is always this unconscious desire to adjust the view for the viewer.

Come on, people! Don't be such labeling machines! There does not exist a proper setup for this kind of job.

About the Art itself it’s very similar. The fact that we - the Artists don’t put an explanation note to our Artworks is pretty enough to show that there is no need of explanations and descriptions by words. Even in the most literal pictures there is still something much more, more than what the Artist would ever say... Sometimes even we, the Artists, don’t realize it. Sometimes I look at an Artwork I've created some time ago and I find the answer I am looking for far even before the idea of it. And, believe me, you will never understand what feeling is embedded there... It is always personal, deep, our own, understandable only for us ...

So, let's not guess what we want to say! Just respect created Art and find your story in it. Do not dig in our heads! That's not how it works!

Artists are Artists! For Art lovers, for Art Collectors, for the real connoisseurs of Art!

Because the real connoisseur knows that the Art matters. They are interested in Art and the emotions it brings to each of us. Each of us has an own perception for the same piece of Art. And this piece of Art itself becomes so richly saturated with all this variety of senses.

Enjoy this feeling! Just feel it!

Don’t make a dissection of Art and even less of the Artist’s soul!


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