The freedom to don't care

When they asked me if I care whether people like me or my art, I fell in love with the cozy, peaceful and satisfying feeling of my answer NO!

Some time ago I was asked by a person to whom I presented part of my art if I insist people to like or approve what I do.... I was truly surprised at how good I felt and how quickly I answered "No".

I mean really pure feeling, without any arrogance or those stupid and childish behavior just to pretend that you don't care. It was (and still is) pure feeling of freedom.

I thought back in time and realized that the opinion of others is irrelevant. They will never take things my way, and they don't have to.

The important thing is how I feel about my art.

And last but not least, if you start trying to please people, you are doomed to a certain loss of yourself, your freedom, your creativity and your time,,,

In conclusion, one of my works:


Heli 💕


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